How Poor Oral Hygiene Affects Pregnancy

Yes, something seemingly negligible such as poor oral hygiene is capable of interfering with your pregnancy. Poor oral health can be responsible for conditions such as gum inflammation. Failure to practice good dental hygiene creates a fertile ground for bacteria to thrive. As they increase in population, a plaque eventually develops on your teeth. Before you know what’s happening, the gums will have reddened before beginning to swell and bleed. Pregnancy gingivitis is common in almost 50 percent of all expectant moms.

It causes gum inflammation

Gum inflammation is a serious issue, especially for any woman who is expectant. Bad breath from this condition causes the teeth to begin bleeding every time you brush them. This is not an issue to feel embarrassed about. It has a remedy, but only if you seek the dentist’s help as soon as possible. Failure to do this could mean opening your face up, and general health, to other diseases that eventually force you to consider paying for costly procedures. A premature birth that’s related to oral diseases often leads to the baby’s death.

Leads to birth complications

Incubators can save some babies. However, any baby who survives will most likely have to live with low immunity. Such babies have to live with congenital complications for the rest of their lives. They don’t have the option of procedures such as breast augmentation San Antonio, especially if they are girls. The congenital complications often affecting such babies limit their presence to the lungs and hearts. In many cases, gingivitis leads to miscarriages, which can only be diagnosed by a doctor who is extra keen to ask the right questions.

Destroy teeth enamel

Morning sickness is one of the factors responsible for gum inflammation. Morning sickness is common during the first trimester. Unfortunately, during this period, the regular vomiting causes stomach acids to make their way to the mouth. While there, the acids soften teeth enamel. As you brush your teeth to get rid of the effects of vomiting immediately once it happens, you only end up damaging the enamel further. A good option would be to rinse your teeth and brush later. Otherwise, you would soon have to consult a neurofeedback doctor.

Diet Change

The decision that most pregnant women make to put more focus on what they eat also has an impact on their oral health. Change in diet is capable of exposing the pregnant mother to the risk of diseases that affect the teeth and gum. Cravings for foods that are rich in sugar is one of the factors responsible for weakening the gum further, thus opening the door for inflammation to occur and possible miscarriage or complications during birth. Some women even begin taking fat burners without reading a review of the top fat burners of 2016.

The good news is that a remedy for this problem is available. First, you must visit your doctor as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your oral health. Treatment is available, but only after proper diagnosis to ensure that nothing harms the growing but yet unborn baby. Consuming more milk products is highly advisable because of the calcium they contain. Citrus fruits are also highly recommended because of their effectiveness at protecting the enamel and cleaning the teeth of oral bacteria.

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