Importance of Testing For STDs

Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases is a thing that every individual requires doing at least once in their lifetime.

As opposed to what we learned in school that STDs affect high-risk people, these are diseases that affect everyday folk and people engaging in sexual activity should be checked for STDs frequently.

People today have a high appetite for sex and are engaging in sexual activity from a young age of ten years or less, and have multiple partners. Moreover, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are mutating, and it’s impossible to keep track.

Medical practitioners also fail their duty of reminding their patients to go for regular STDs checks. If you engage in sexual activity, book an appointment with your doctor and get tested to rule out anything.

Virgins and STDs

If you are a virgin but participate in oral sex, get tested as you may have caught a sexually transmitted disease from your partner without knowing.

Skin-to-skin contact spreads STDs and other diseases including oral herpes which can be transferred from one family person to another innocently. Cold sores spread easily in a family unit but can be transmitted from person to person during oral sex.

Couples and STDs

Committed couples may brush away the need to get tested for STDs because they site monogamy, but because people don’t spend all their time together and come into contact with others scheduling annual STDs checkups will help minimize problems in the relationship.

Regular checks will contribute to catching diseases such as chlamydia early, get treatment and avoid having problems when trying to conceive.

As the relationship begins to grow and manifester screening for STDs helps rule out any suspicion and couples know where their sexual health stands.

Mutual Respect

Getting tested for STDs is one way of communication truth, honesty, and open-mindedness between sexual partners. Testing gives partners surety that they are sleeping with people that are safe and are not risking their lives.

Moreover, testing allows individuals make informed choices whether to commit to their sexual partners. Frequent STD checks help make partners trust each other more.

Booking an appointment to see a medical practitioner is the safest way to get tested as it’s impossible to look at yourself or your partner and determine whether or not they have an STD.

Safety First

It’s unfortunate that there are individuals that brush off getting tested for STDS. They get into relationships where they engage in unprotected sex and leave caution to the wind.

Why bother with something that is already too late to check? A warped mentality as one could have an STD that chooses to manifest and mutate before revealing itself.

Getting tested before, during and after a relationship is a means of caution and not necessarily a way of accusing a partner of cheating. Try Fresno STD testing today and learn more about your health.

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